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What is Forex Academy?

Forex Academy is an independent school of trading. We know how to make Forex trading profitable and are eager to share this knowledge with anyone willing to learn. We train traders, develop strategies and indicators, do online trade tracking. After 5 years of work, our Forex Academy has won the respect of thousands of trainees – successful traders. Their statements and positive feedback are the best proof that our strategies are efficient.
Discover the intricate and interesting world of Forex with us, and we will make the chart work for you!

Market experience: 10 years
Teaches: “Horizon”, “Horizon X”

“I constantly self-develop and take advice from professionals. Devise new strategies and improve the old ones – “Horizon” trading system is one of them. In recent 2 years, I have been doing trust management at stock exchange and actively share my knowledge with a new generation of traders. I feel like I get a level up every time my trainee achieves success”.

Market experience: 7 years
Teaches: “Automated trading”

“I am a managing trader. I put special emphasis on trading robots. I constantly optimise and create highly efficient automatic trading algorithms. I prefer mid-term trading, based on Elliot wave principle and analysis of option levels. Trading based on option levels allows to engage in short-term, mid-term and long-term trading”.

Market experience: 7 years
Teaches: “Horizon”, “Stock market”

“I always learn new investment strategies. In teaching, I put emphasis on technical aspects of trading systems and psychology of trading. Since 2012, I have worked in prop-trading company, traded at NYSE, NASDAQ. At the moment I specialise in day-trading at stock market and Forex”

Market experience: 10 years
Преподает: “FWR”, “Horizon”

“I prefer conservative and mid-term trading. I follow two basic principles in trading – safety and sustainability. However, I have substantial experience in aggressive trading – using deposit boost technique. I teach “Trading supply & demand levels” and “Trading calendar spreads on commodity futures”. I treat my trainees with maximal attention and objectivity”.

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